How to Update Drivers in Windows 10

It is necessary to install the graphics card drivers in Windows 10 using device manager utility. If graphics card drivers are not installed, you cannot upgrade your graphics card. CCleaner Professional is the premium version of CCleaner and the world’s most trusted PC Cleaner. This is an all-rounder application for your Pc to make it healthier. CCleaner is available in both free and pro versions. This application scans your computer all the time for cache and other issues.

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  • You can boot into Safe Mode and run the system restore utility to roll back to before the drivers were updated.Click here for a guide on using the System Restore tool.
  • All you have to do is to press a big green Start Scan button and get results in a matter of seconds, literally.
  • Although a driver is required, the extra software for the printer is HP officejet 3830 driver rarely required for the printer to work.

Windows will start looking for driver update online. Once Windows locate the update for your graphics driver, install it by following the on-screen instructions. Once the latest driver is installed, Windows will ask you to restart your PC. Sadly most of them behave like a bull in a china shop. The easiest way would be to use the official Microsoft trouble shooting guide consisting of a downladable tool which enables the option to hide updates, as known from previous Windows versions. However this only enables you to hide a driver update; you have to uninstall it manually. Search for your graphics card product or select your GPU product from the list, and submit it to the website.

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If you cannot print, continue with these steps to add the printer in Windows settings. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers for your printer. ParameterDescriptionDefault Value1ExampleDRIVERNAMESpecify the printer driver you want to install.

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Click Update driver to enable Windows 10 to look for drivers. You can also use this menu option to uninstall the device. The Scan for hardware changes option enumerates all the attached devices and refreshes the information in Device Manager to match.

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